OBS De Driebond wins 2nd prize public jury



‘Let a child draw a house and you will get a square with a pitched roof and window frames scattered throughout. In many ways, vector-i’s design for the new school building for OBS De Driebond appears to align perfectly with its users. The series of small houses with the playful window frames, give each classroom an intimate, homely atmosphere, while the pitched roof provides a sense of spaciousness. Light and open, yet private and safe: such a nice school building it has become appreciated by enthusiastic users.


The design breaks down the scale of the large existing MFC Engelbert and makes the place a bit more village-like. The substantial building now somewhat conceals itself behind the village houses, fitting wonderfully into the village landscape of Engelbert. Everything comes together in a beautiful way’.


GRAS / Groninger Architectuurprijs 2023