Signature under shared ambitions for the development of plot P2, Europapark in Groningen

The municipality of Groningen, ABC Vastgoed, housing corporation Lefier, and RYSE have signed their names under the shared ambitions for the development of plot P2 in Europapark, Groningen, at PROVADA.

For the development of plot P2, the municipality of Groningen is collaborating with the team from ABC Vastgoed. After an extensive partner selection process, this team emerged as the best choice due to their innovative approach to collaboration, livability, sustainability, and vitality. Following the partner selection, a feasibility study was initiated, in which the municipality of Groningen and the development team, under the guidance of ABC and RYSE, closely collaborated to address all the necessary challenges for a viable plan. The partnership proved to be a unique and pleasant experience for all parties involved, and they are eager to continue in the next phase.


Today, the signatures were placed to underline the joint ambition of all parties. More information about the progress of plot P2 will be provided soon, but one thing can already be shared: Plot P2 will now be named ‘Het Vief Kwartier’! A name that aligns with the historical context of the area, referencing the five chimney stacks of the former power plant, while also incorporating a Groninger quip with the term ‘vief’.


A feasible plan marks the successful conclusion of the feasibility study and the beginning of the next phase, which will soon be officially shaped through a collaboration agreement between the municipality of Groningen and ABC Vastgoed.


The ABC Vastgoed team consists of ABC Planontwikkeling (risk-bearing developer), RYSE (delegated developer), vector-i (architects – Groningen), EFFEKT (architects – Denmark), Felixx (landscape architect), Traject (sustainability), Breed ID (integrated design/construction), Spark (mobility), Bouw21 (realization advisor, chain management), and Re:Invent (exploitation and management).


About ‘Het Vief Kwartier’ at Europapark. The urban district of Europapark is currently undergoing extensive development. Its favourable location near the city centre and excellent accessibility make Europapark a sought-after area for living, working, and relaxation. The former parking area P2, now known as Het Vief Kwartier, offers space for a mixed development spanning 50,000 m2 to 69,000 m2.

“With thanks to RYSE B.V., the host and also the client, and ABC Vastgoed B.V. It was a beautiful day and a wonderful moment to take this step together.”