The neighbourhood as a living habitat is nature-inclusive

This comprehensive urban development is a potential answer to the future—a place to live, work, and thrive. It caters to people of all ages, including families, students, and businesses.

We transform the existing water and lush greenery into safe public spaces where nature becomes an integral part. The green squares provide cooling during hot periods and absorb water during wet periods. It will be a walk through a series of surprising, beautiful, and intimate spaces.

Generous terraces and stairways gracefully drape the landscape, flowing over the parking garage and under the towers. These steps offer seating in the afternoon and evening sun for visitors and passersby. Like a theater by the water, it allows you to enjoy the lively activities on the water and along the quays. The public spaces are designed with a park-like atmosphere, featuring play areas for both young and old. The architectural identity of this neighborhood reflects the diversity of the community.

Living and working, for us, means meeting and moving in green spaces. The buildings act as sound barriers for these living areas. From the parking garages on the outskirts, you walk through attractive greenery to your home or workplace.

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