Cycle celebration

vector-i was given the opportunity to come up with a distinctive idea for a bicycle kiosk on Molenplein in Heerenveen. Heerenveen is known as the sports city of Friesland and is the home of Batavus, one of the oldest and largest bicycle brands in the Netherlands, with over 100 years of history. The design is entirely based on the idea of expressing the profession of bicycle repair and the love for cycling to the maximum extent on this square, in this city.

The idea was born to use leftover materials from the local bicycle industry for the design, thus giving expression to this unique building in a special place with a second life for bicycle parts that, due to being made of aluminum or stainless steel, have a long lifespan.

This vision and the accompanying concept design were presented to Batavus by the architect and client, with a request for collaboration. Batavus decided to accept the invitation and become the supplier of the building blocks for this design: bicycle frames.

The kiosk is a tribute to the second-hand bicycle. This design is closely connected to Heerenveen, Batavus, and the operator of the kiosk—the bicycle repair shops that have been a representation of the 100-year-old bicycle industry in Heerenveen on this square for 30 years.


Location Heerenveen, The Netherlands

Year 2019

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