Entrance Building for Hollandse Duinen Nature Reserve

vector-i designed this pavilion for Staatsbosbeheer (Dutch Forestry Commission). The design is the result of a collaboration between vector-i, i29, and Claudy Jongstra, which brought out the best in each of us.

The aesthetics of this symmetrical building, with a light rammed earth plinth and an exuberant wooden crown, emphasize the meaning that landscape architect Louis Paul Zocher (1820-1915) gave to buildings in “his” landscapes in the 19th century: “Architecture as an ornament for nature.”

The design stems from honoring the landscape, reevaluating our heritage, rediscovering craftsmanship, and using ecological materials in a circular relationship with nature.

Location Den Haag, The Netherlands

Year 2020

Partners i29, Claudy Jongstra

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