An island near the city

One of the newest expansions of Groningen is Meerstad. This water-rich development plan combines nature and architecture beautifully.

The latest addition, Tersluis, is a composition of homes on the mainland and homes on islands. vector-i had the opportunity to design one of the first houses on Heemraad Island. The residence has a clear orientation and an interior with varying levels, providing diverse views of the surrounding landscape and neighborhood.

The house is clearly oriented towards the water and the sun. Maximizing comfort and energy efficiency were the guiding principles from the start, motivating the decision to position the house perpendicular to the plot. The roof has a large south-facing surface for solar panels, and the rear facade has extensive glazing connecting to the garden and the lake.

Privacy and transparency go hand in hand, with carefully designed and placed openings in the facade. The south side features ample glass, allowing for a panoramic experience of the landscape. An overhang on the south side provides shade in the summer and a dry outdoor space on the terrace. The north facade has discreet windows offering views of the street while maintaining privacy, as per the explicit request of the clients.


Location Meerstad, The Netherlands

Year 2020

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